~I am not what you would ordinarily think of as a 'full-service' wedding planner.  What that really
means is that I don't get involved on the reception side of things.  The ceremony itself, now that's my
thing.  I will help you to get organized and to stay that way.  I will have on file, certain documents that
will detail your specific wishes and desires.  I will see to it that your wedding ceremony is designed to have
the look and feel that you envision.
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Wedding Primer
Vows Examples:
Traditional Vows
Contemporary Vows
Modified Traditional Vows
Unity Candle Service
Unity Sand Service
Native American Blessings
Blessing of the Hands
File Documents:
Ceremony Details
Marriage License Application Example
Park Permit Application
Contract for Officiate
Basic Photo Package
SlideShow Package
Intimate Romance Package
Contract for Intimate Romance Package
Hello there, I'm Allen. First of all, congratulations! You have decided to get married and are planning one
of the most important days of your lives, your wedding! I would be delighted to help you and your fiance to
create an elegant and memorable wedding ceremony . Whether you are simply in need of an officiant, or
starting at square one, I am at your service. Look to me for expert advice inall aspects of your ceremony.
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Allen Johnson
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